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7 Tips For Booking A Wedding Band

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Preview the band first

You should try before you buy. Game of Tones suggests that you come visit a rehearsal or special session at their southside studio in MacGregor before you lock in a booking. Ensure you’re going to please all the guests’ interest in music – not just the bridal party’s favourites. Brief the band on your musical preferences or any songs that mean something special to you but remember to trust the band with the song list.

Embrace the magic of live music

Creating music with live musicians and creating a connection with the crowd has a magical feel that you just can’t achieve from recorded music. You can also discuss any opportunity to have one of your own guests sing with the band and perform that special tribute live on the night.

More than just music

Game of Tones can also offer:-

  • a smaller duo version of the band for an early cocktail session
  • provide a second PA system for the ceremony or speeches in another area of the venue
  • provide full MC services for the reception if required

Power Requirements

Game of Tones only need access to one normal power point. There are no special power requirements.

Having a live band at your wedding gives guests a chance to join in the entertainment
Brenton Hope (at his wedding) singing with Game of Tones

Space and Set-Up

As a smaller three-piece band, Game of Tones takes up a small amount of space but with the use of well-crafted backing tracks will still sound like a seven-piece band. Game of Tones can set up in an area of 4m x 2m and their PA is very unobtrusive. Game of Tones take about one hour to set up quietly with a neat professional presentation and will be out of the way when not required.


Game of Tones will usually be suited up in formal wear or you can inform them of any theme you might have planned.


It can be a long day for the musos. From set-up to break-down and going home could be from 2pm to 2am. Providing three meals out back of kitchen or somewhere out of sight would be much appreciated.

Harry Ronda and Darren from Game of Tones band
Photo courtesy of DSL Photography

Game of Tones is available to perform at your wedding, engagement, parties or corporate events. Please feel free to email with any event-related enquiries.